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Heaven in East, where comfort and hospitality
cross each other

Amsterdam canal cruise

The Amsterdam of today is known for its role in football, being the birthplace of the world famous footballer Johan Cruijff; he was born in Amsterdam East!

Science Park is within walking distance! 

The historic city center, with its countless monuments and museums with the work of great masters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, attracts huge numbers of visitors every year.  ( Glad we can offer our bed & breakfast!) For other visitors it is the city of freedom and liberal drug policy.

Welcome to Heaven in East!


We want your stay with us to be as special, hospitable and pleasant as possible.

With these thoughts it is nice to know that there are now 734,000 inhabitants , from 173 different countries. In 1275, Amsterdam became famous (in history) because Count Floris V granted the people living near Dam Square free navigation on Dutch waters. In 1323 the city acquired the exclusive right to import beer from Hamburg, Germany.

This year (2024) the festivities of 750 years of Amsterdam begin and on October 27 the party starts with an opening concert in Johan Cruijff Arena.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Canal Amsterdam

Staying in Heaven in East is a special experience to spend the night in this bustling city, but in a friendly and quiet environment; these are the characteristics of the eastern part of Amsterdam.

The Middenweg is a long road, which is a connection between Amsterdam and Diemen. Parking in the area is paid and there is a relatively large amount of space. The Frankendael park is a great place to enjoy one of the many parks that Amsterdam has to offer. There is a public transport stop right in front of Heaven in East; tram, city buses and regional buses stop here.

Amenities such as supermarkets, cafes and restaurants are all within walking distance.

As soon as you check in you will have access to our directory and it contains many more tips: how to make the most of your stay. 

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