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Responsible & sustainable business

Heaven in East B&B not only wants to be a good host for its guests, but also cares for the environment, the environment  and local entrepreneurs.

solar panels_buy.jpg
  • Solar panels on roof

As a result, we generate 100% green energy and thus reduce the CO2 footprint of our household. With solar panels we also know for sure that the electricity we use is actually green.

  • Double glass:

Our entire house is equipped with the Thermobel Now201 brand, which qualifies the house with energy label A.  

  • No gas / all electricity 

During the intensive renovation of our house, it was decided to provide everything exclusively for / with electricity.


  • Water-saving showers

The buttons of the shower can be regulated for less or more water

  • Soap dispensers in shower

No small, separate bottles of shampoo, shower gel or conditioner in our bathrooms, but refillable soap dispensers, which are much more hygienic to use, but also much easier to dose while you shower  

  • Hourglass (5) minutes in shower

This allows you to see how much time and water you use while showering. There are already more than 2.6 million water savers in use worldwide.


  • Reusable Dopperbottles

With these reusable bottles a statement is made against plastic pollution and the Dopper bottles are "Cradle to Cradle Certified". This is a certification for safe, reusable and responsibly produced products


  • Heating is standard low temperature

This is switched with a digital program, but can also be controlled individually, manually, according to your own needs.  

  • Moyee Coffee cups 

This company buys its coffee directly from coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia. Moyee coffee is forest protected, hand-picked, slow-driedogd and roasted to perfection ​

  • Tableware and sinks are handmade in Hungary

The handmade red, orange and blue tableware is specially made for us, with our logo printed in the coffee cup. The sinks in the bathroom are also from Krizs Ceramica. 

Deco bathroom02.JPG
  • Keychains and accessories its cut down Amsterdam trees saws tree trunks from the Amsterdam region into usable wood for carrying out projects and manufacturing products within the region, in collaboration with its local partners. Stadshout is committed to optimizing the wood chain by increasing awareness and researching innovative wood applications to ensure that the wood is reused as high-quality as possible and not a single chip is wasted.


  • No waste of food/breakfast

We serve breakfast in portions, and we are happy to serve a supplement if necessary, but this way we ensure that we do not have to throw away any food. 


This foundation in Amsterdam East is a living, playing and learning place, aimed at the healthy development of children. Within the safety of the group and the support of supervisors, children can gain new experiences and broaden their horizons

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